Job Creators Network Times Square Billboard Says ‘Hell No’ to Joe Biden’s Tax Hike on Small Businesses

Erin Scott-Pool/Getty Images; Job Creators Network
Erin Scott-Pool/Getty Images; Job Creators Network

The Job Creators Network (JCN), one of America’s largest small business advocacy organizations, erected a billboard in the heart of Times Square slamming President Joe Biden’s proposed tax increases that would hurt America’s small businesses.

“Biden wants to raise taxes on small businesses? HELL NO! NOT ON OUR WATCH!” the two-sided billboard reads. “WTF?!” the other side of the billboard says, with the website tucked underneath.

The website is “dedicated to tracking the number of jobs Biden policies have put at risk,” Job Creators Network said in a statement. “The billboard will be up for three weeks and is part of JCN’s Bring Small Businesses Back campaign—a multi-million dollar effort to educate the public and lawmakers about the consequences Biden administration policies will have on Main Street.”

Job Creators Network erects Times Square billboard criticizing President Joe Biden’s proposed tax increases.

“Small businesses are already at the end of their rope because of the pandemic-induced shutdowns. Hiking taxes on America’s entrepreneurs would be a bad policy at any time, but should be unthinkable now,” said Alfredo Ortiz, JCN President and CEO in a statement.

“As chronicled at, the Biden administration has already put millions of jobs at risk. Strapping the small business community—which is typically responsible for two-thirds of all new job creation—with more tax liabilities will throttle economic opportunity further and weaken recovery prospects. To that I say, WTF Biden?!”

Last week, President Biden’s administration floated a tax hike Bloomberg News said would be the first major federal tax increase in nearly 30 years. But as Breitbart News reported, Biden’s purported proposal would fly in the face of his campaign pledge to not raise taxes on “anybody” making $400,000 or less.

“Biden’s tax plan also promises to raise taxes on small businesses structured as corporations by 33 percent. Because his tax increases on higher incomes aren’t indexed to inflation, they will quickly hit the middle-class and ordinary small businesses in the years to come,” Ortiz wrote in a recent Breitbart News op-ed. “His plan to nearly double the capital gains tax rate on high earners will result in less job creation because it will redirect capital from entrepreneurship to the federal government.”

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