RV Donated to Oregon Couple Who Lost Home in Wildfire

Man and Wife and RV
Christine Pitawanich/KGW

The Becks were gifted a fully-furnished mobile home on Sunday, after losing their former home during the September wildfires.

Charles and Linda Beck struggled in the wake of the wildfires, living in various hotels after their home at the Detroit RV Park was destroyed in the wildfires that scoured Oregon last year. “We came out of it with the clothes on our back and that was it,” Charles remembered. In the months that followed, the Becks were denied FEMA assistance multiple times.

Despite the mutual support of a 37-year marriage, hope was hard to hold onto. “So now here we sit. I don’t know how long the motel is going to hold out,” Charles said in March. “After that I guess we’re on God’s good graces because we have nothing.” As it happened, people working on behalf of God’s “good graces” were exactly\ who showed up.

On Sunday, a brand new mobile home rolled toward the Becks. “We got here early to make sure the spot was ready for them and when they come pulling in, we took one look at it and I was like, ‘Whoa look at that.’ I was jumping up and down [saying], ‘Over here! Over here!’”

After what he said was “about a two day conversation” between himself, the United Way, and Be Bold Street Ministries executive director Matthew Maceira, COO Josh Lair said they were finally able to “make this happen.”

Not only did the Becks suddenly find themselves with a new home — it was furnished the same day. “Next thing you know, United Way opens up her vehicle and starts hauling stuff out. All brand new pots and pans, dishes, glasses,” Beck said.

“They literally don’t have to worry about a thing. They can move right in and have bedding, kitchen items, everything will be ready for them,” Elizabeth Schrader, chief development officer of the United Way of the Mid-Willamette Valley,  told the station. She said their organization has provided about 20 fully-stocked mobile homes to families in need.

But there was still one more blessing in store: Partnered with Roberson Motors in Salem, Be Bold Street Ministries were also able to offer the couple a 2009 Ford Focus with all the necessary inspections taken care of. “We don’t have the red tape that sometimes comes along with different things, so we’re always trying to figure out how to better support our community, better support people in need,” Lair said.

The Becks, along with their dog Brandy, thanked God for the unexpected blessing. “I’m just thrilled,” Linda Beck said. “The good Lord has blessed us good.”


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