Joe Biden Forgets His Mask Again After White House Speech

The White House

President Joe Biden again forgot to put his mask back on at the White House after delivering a speech on Tuesday.

Biden approached the podium wearing a mask and took it off to speak at an event promoting the coronavirus vaccine.

But after he finished speaking, he walked away from the podium without his mask.

Despite signing an executive order mandating masks on federal property, President Biden repeatedly forgets to put his mask back on after removing it to speak.

This is Biden’s fifth time walking away from an event without his mask.

In March, Biden actually returned to the podium to get his mask after leaving an event on equal pay for women.

Biden also forgot his mask after signing his massive $1.9 trillion coronavirus spending bill.

At an event celebrating International Women’s Day, he also forgot his mask at the podium.

In February, Vice President Kamala Harris pointedly reminded the president to get his mask after he left it on the podium.


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