RSLC: Voters More Likely To Vote Republican After Learning About Far-Left Cancel-Culture

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Voters are more inclined to vote for a Republican after learning about far-left hypocrisy in cancel culture, according to an internal poll from the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC).

The RSLC surveyed legislative districts in New Jersey and Virginia, which they have been running ads in to expose the hypocrisy of the far-left cancel culture. The ads started shortly after Major League Baseball (MLB) decided to move the All-Star Game from Georgia after numerous Democrats spread false information about the state’s voter integrity law.

The internal poll, sent via email to Breitbart News, was taken between April 24 – 25 and polled 656 high propensity persuadable voters in two of the state legislative districts where the cancel culture ad ran: New Jersey’s 8th and Virginia’s 12th state legislative districts.

The results found voters in New Jersey’s 8th district who saw the ad were 57 percent more likely to vote for a Republican state legislator in November. In addition, voters in Virginia’s 12th district were 58 percent more likely to vote for a Republican state legislator in November.

According to the RSLC press release, this shows high propensity persuadable voters surveyed “represent a demographic that Republicans will need to do well within November” in order for the GOP to pick up seats in both states. Leftist cancel culture forced upon the liberal base on a national level shows this also may be a “key constituency wary of how far left the Democratic Party has gone and more open to supporting Republican candidates in state legislative races.”

“The effort was also a way to highlight to swing voters in both states that the Democrats have not learned their lesson from the radical platforms they ran and lost on in 2020,” the press release said regarding the reason to run the ad. “It was meant to show just how out of control President Biden and the liberals who run Washington have become in their first few months in power.”

Additionally, the ad was “seeking to appeal to those who may not traditionally support Republicans but are concerned that the Democratic Party no longer represents their values as it continues to lurch to the left. ”

Previously reported by Breitbart News, RSLC launched a five-figure digital ad buy in New Jersey and Virginia earlier this month, highlighting the detrimental effects of left-wing cancel culture on communities across the country.

The digital ad, “Hardest Hit,” was meant to highlight what the RSLC believes to be the “hypocrisy and self-defeating result of the Democrats’ cancel culture crusade.” The five-figure ad buy ran in multiple targeted districts in each state. This was the first paid media initiative from the RSLC state ahead of their 2021 legislative elections.


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