‘No Balls, All Strikes’: Advocacy Group Pressures MLB to Move All-Star Game Back to Atlanta

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The Job Creators Network (JCN), a conservative political advocacy group, is leading an effort to force Major League Baseball (MLB) to return the All-Star Game to Atlanta.

MLB pulled the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta after Georgia passed a voter reform bill to safeguard the integrity of the state’s elections.

The JCN, led by President Alfredo Ortiz, held a rally in front of MLB headquarters on Tuesday. The group has also been active in purchasing several prominent billboards pressuring MLB to return the game to Atlanta.

“There was a big [ad] a couple of weeks ago. There’s going to be others that say, ‘No balls, all strikes’ on Rob Manfred, caving in to the pressure of left-wing activists. They’re going to do more of that from what we understand,” FOX Business reporter Charlie Gasparino said. “They’ve also written to Commissioner Manfred to set up a meeting with him to discuss the matter and why his decision to move out of Atlanta was just not giving in to the woke mob, but how it cost local businesses, including many minority businesses, a lot of money.”

The Job Creators Network is taking a leading role among a growing list of public and private conservative advocacy groups rebelling against U.S. corporations, such as MLB,  who have aligned themselves with leftist activists.

While the odds of MLB actually moving the game back to Atlanta are long, Gasparino says, the JCN remains committed to staying in the fight.

“I guess you’re going to see more of this. Whether Manfred does this or not, it’s unclear,” Gasparino said. “I’ve been talking to Alfredo Ortiz about this; they think they have a lot of mileage here. The move out of Atlanta was so absurd in their view from an economic standpoint. How much it hurt the local Atlanta businesses. And the voting laws in Georgia apparently are less strict than they are in Colorado, where the All-Star Game is moving to.”

MLB moved the all-star game from Georgia to Colorado, which arguably has stricter voting laws than Georgia.


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