Sen. Ron Johnson Endorses Derrick Van Orden to Unseat Vulnerable Wisconsin Democrat Rep. Ron Kind


Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson (R) endorsed Republican Derrick Van Orden on Thursday to unseat vulnerable Democrat Rep. Ron Kind (WI) in the upcoming midterms.

Van Orden, a retired Navy SEAL, was the Republican nominee for the seat in 2020 and nearly defeated Kind. He is running again against the endangered Democrat.

Johnson said in his statement, “Derrick is a strong conservative and a tested leader who won’t back down from a fight. Derrick is a perfect fit for western Wisconsin, and when he wins, he will help us take the House back from Nancy Pelosi and AOC.”

In response to Johnson’s endorsement, Van Orden said, “Senator Johnson is a proven Leader who is standing up for our Wisconsin values in Washington, DC.”

“I am exceptionally proud that he supports our campaign to defeat Ron Kind and take back the House of Representatives from the radical left. Together, we will continue the fight for real leadership in Washington DC,” Van Orden continued.

Kind, who Van Orden is looking to unseat, has been hit by numerous scandals in the recent weeks.

Breitbart News’ Washington political editor, Matthew Boyle, exclusively reported Kind has taken over $110,000 worth of special interest-funded lavish trips, filings with the U.S. House Ethics Committee reveal.

The uncovered documents show between March 2001 and August 2019, Kind took at least 14 trips valued at $110,665—all funded by special interest groups. He has taken trips to Tel Aviv, Geneva, Rome, Munich, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, Houston, Seattle and more, funded by various different special interest groups and corporations.

In addition, last week Fox News reported Kind owns a commercial real estate development in which a tenant of his is a seedy massage parlor that advertises on websites known to law enforcement as a home of those promoting illicit sex acts and prostitution. Kind’s financial disclosures show he has received tens-of-thousands of dollars from renting to the parlor.

The business, known as Asian Sunny Massage, opened in 2018 and was previously named Impression Spa. The same day the spa opened, reports show advertisements to court customers to the spa showed up on “various illicit websites that are known as avenues for illicit sex.”

Looking further into Kind, the Washington Free Beacon uncovered the law firm which represents the seedy massage parlor Kind rents to has deep ties with Ron Kind. The report said, “The law firm’s interest in clearing Asian Sunny Massage’s name may go beyond its role as counsel for the establishment.” Since last August, the firm’s managing partner, Brent Smith, has been the treasurer for Kind’s campaign.


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