Watch–Journalist in Mexico Tells VP Kamala Harris: ‘It’s an Honor … I Voted for You’


A journalist, who said she was with the Spanish-language network Univision, told Vice President Kamala Harris that she voted for her and President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election during a press conference in Mexico.

The journalist, who went by Maria Fernanda and claimed to be with Univision, was called on by Harris’s team during a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico, on Tuesday.

Before asking Harris a question, Fernanda said:

Thank you, Madame Vice President. For me, it’s an honor because I actually got to vote for the first time as a naturalized citizen and I voted for you. [Emphasis added]

Soon after the press conference, President of News for Univision in the United States Daniel Coronell wrote in a statement that Fernanda is not associated with Univision and does not work for the network.

“In Mexico an individual [who] has no association with Univision claimed to be a reporter for UniNoticias in order to ask [Vice President Kamala Harris] a question and to compliment [Kamala Harris],” Coronell wrote. “Let it be clear to everyone that Ms. Maria Fernanda Reyes is not part of this media organization.”

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