Nolte: Woke Fail — 72% in Deep Blue New York City Want More Cops on the Streets

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - APRIL 23: Police stand by as a city worker cleans graffiti from the USS Maine National Monument following a night of protests on April 23, 2021 in New York City. Six protesters were arrested Thursday night as they scuffled with police near the USS Maine …
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In Deep Blue New York City, a whopping 72 percent of likely voters want more cops on the street, according to a NY1/Ipsos poll.

The poll of 906 likely voters taken between May 17 and 31 also found that, by far, crime and violence are the biggest concern. A full 46 percent said crime and violence were the “main problems facing New York today.” Second place, at 31 percent, was affordable housing, followed by COVID (30 percent).

In a massive blow to America’s fascist Woke Gestapo, only 20 percent — remember this is deep-blue New York City we’re talking about — chose “racial injustice, and even fewer (LOL), 12 percent, chose “police reform.”

Oh, and climate change ranked only a little above “other” with seven percent.

Only 14 percent of those polled identified as Republican, 64 percent as Democrat.

Former police officer Eric Adams leads in the upcoming June 22 Democrat mayoral primary with 22 percent of the vote. He’s moved up from 13 percent in April. Andrew Yang is in second place with 16 points, a drop from 22 in April. Maya Wiley, one of the only remaining candidates still publicly supporting the idea of defunding the police, is in fifth place with just nine percent support.

If Woketardery cannot sustain itself in New York City, where can it?

Other than institutions artificially sustained by government money or massive multinational corporations — academia, Big Tech, Hollywood, the fake news media — it can’t.

As soon as Wokeism hits the pavement, it can only fail, and in a country where people have options when it comes to where they live, it will fail. California and New York, the two places people used to see as a form of paradise, are losing population.

No one except criminals, the terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter, and lunatics wants to live in fear of crime and violence. No one wants housing encampments clogging their sidewalks and defiling their parks; no one wants to dodge needles and human feces while out for a walk.

What I’ve been saying since the madness first reared its head early last year is coming true — woke is anti-human nature and cannot succeed outside of an artificial environment.

Every form of crime is exploding in Democrat-run New York. Hate crimes are up 73 percent, murder is up 24 percent, shootings up — not a typo — 220 percent.

No one wants to live that way, especially when living that way comes with high taxes and housing prices, and no one who can get out, won’t.

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