Nolte: Poll Shows 80% Prefer Offensive, Inaccurate Speech over Government Censorship

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“Given a choice between allowing free speech even though it is sometimes offensive and inaccurate or having the government determine what speech should be allowed, 80% of voters prefer free speech,” a Scott Rasmussen poll found.

Additionally, only nine percent say “it would be better to let the government decide.”

Do you have any idea what a massive media fail this is?

For at least five years, the corporate media, Big Tech, the Democrat party, academia, and Hollywood have been trying to slow boil the public into embracing government censorship, and not only is this ludicrous and dangerous idea accepted by a mere nine percent of the public, but the “free speech option is also supported by at least 70% of every measured demographic group.” That might even include the worst of the worst… white liberal women.

If you want even more proof of the media’s waning power, get this… While “many media outlets dismissed suggestions that the coronavirus began in a Wuhan, China, laboratory, some social media outlets even blocked discussion of it. Despite those efforts, 66% of voters think it’s likely the virus came from a lab leak.”

Despite a massive media, government, and Big Tech conspiracy-backed billions of dollars to put over the lab-leak-is-a-hoax hoax, two-thirds of the public didn’t fall for it.

This is what you have to understand…

This is why you have to step away from cable news and social media…

When you watch cable news or get on social media, you’re bombarded with fascist propaganda designed to make it sound like you and your values are in the minority, that your world’s coming to end, you’re outnumbered, and that the whole country is embracing the ethos of the Woke Nazis and the domestic terrorists in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

I promise you it is just not happening.

The media/BigTech gaslight campaign is determined to convince you you’re outnumbered, to sap your will and force you to surrender.

But it’s all a lie, a big lie, and when a pollster you trust comes along and asks a very basic question and reports on it truthfully, you’re reminded of that.

Eighty percent — eighty! — would prefer people be allowed to lie and offended than allow censorship. 

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