Minnesota Mother: ‘Antiracism’ Actually ‘Teaches Children How to Be Racist’

Lakeville Area Schools

A parent at a Lakeville Area Schools Board of Education in Minnesota on Tuesday lashed out against what she said is critical race theory “infiltrating our school district disguised under the terms and statements of diversity, inclusion, equity, and anti-racism.”

The unidentified woman said evidence of that was the school board’s announcement in April that staff would undergo anti-racism training over the summer.

She cited Ibram X. Kendi, whose book How to Be an Antiracist calls for discrimination against alleged white racists. The parent asked:

My concern as a parent is who does the school board plan on discrimination against with this ideology? Parents are concerned that Lakeville schools are jumping on the most popular band wagon that culture is pushing and in that process will be adopting policies and agendas that will result in further harm, destruction, division, and hate in our communities.

“I think we all agree that racism is not okay,” she said turning to the board with more questions.

“How do you plan on protecting all of our children from racism? How do you plan on protecting children from this new kind of racism that’s being pushed through the anti-racist ideology?” She asked. “This ideology teaches children how to be racist.”

“Children are not born racist, they are taught to be racist,” the woman said. “We must rise about the rebranded racism that this current culture is pushing.”

“We need to start teaching that our skin color does not define who we are,” she said. “It does not give us our identity and we can pave a path of unity, of hope, of peace, of healing in our Lakeville community.”

She said the school should be teaching children that “each individual child and each and every child matters and has value.”

“We need to teach that together they can grow up and change the world,” she said.

Before she was cut off because of time restrictions she put the board on notice about its responsibilities.

“Board, you have a responsibility because you are the gatekeepers of what comes in and out of our schools and you are the gatekeeper to what is taught,” the woman concluded to a round of applause. 

“It is the board’s job to protect all of our children and to protect them from anything that can cause them harm,” she said.

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