Joel Pollak to Hannity: ‘Elites Are Embracing Critical Race Theory Because It Allows Them to Maintain Their Power’

Joel Pollak

White elites use critical race theory for self-aggrandizement, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak said on Friday’s edition of the Sean Hannity Show.

Pollak said white elites hype “white supremacy” and “white privilege” to cast themselves as the sole agents of possible salvation from these supposed phenomena.

“Elites love critical race theory because it makes white supremacy the problem and it makes white privilege the issue that has to be unraveled,” he stated. “The only people who can unravel white privilege are white people themselves. That’s why you see elite white kids out in the street rioting.”

He continued, “That’s why you see Jen Psaki talking about systemic racism. You know she’s not going to give up her job for Symone Sanders anytime soon, but they love it because it makes them central. They can be the leaders of this new civil rights movement. They are important because it’s only they who can renounce white privilege.”


“Ironically, it makes elite white people who want to be told how wonderful they are — instead of just getting down to the business of being American and doing a day’s work — it makes them so important. So critical race theory actually flatters the elite.”

He added, “The elites are embracing critical race theory because it allows them to maintain their power.”

Proponents of critical race theory frame “radical redistribution” and increased central planning and state controls as “the only solution,” Pollak observed. Critical race theory “is a driving ideology in this administration,” he added.

Sean Hannity introduced the segment by playing audio from 2012 of Pollak describing critical race theory and former President Barack Obama’s embrace of one its academic proponents.

Pollak explained in 2012:

Derrick Bell was the originator of a school of thought called critical race theory, and he said that the civil rights laws were bad for black people, because it encouraged black people to believe that there could be racial equality.

In his view, the entire system — the entire United States of America — was white supremacist to its core, and therefore you had to bring the entire system down.

This is what he taught. This what he wrote, and these are the ideas that Obama said — on tape — are inspiring him and causing everyone to open their minds. 

[Derrick Bell] is the man who is and was the Jeremiah Wright of academia.

Pollak recalled breaking the news of Obama’s affinity for critical race theory in 2012 and leftist media’s subsequent attempts to distort the public’s understanding of the neo-Marxist paradigm.

He noted that critical race theorists replace class with race in their sociological analyses, viewing racial struggle as the driving force in human affairs.

He remarked, “Jen Psaki said today that we have systemic racism in our society that is responsible for inequalities today. What she’s doing is applying a Marxist idea to race, and the idea is that just as Marxists believe class is the structure of society, critical race theorists believe that race is the structure of society, and that our society is racist because our institutions were created with racism in mind.”


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