Ron Kind’s Seedy Massage Parlor Tenant Has More Links to ‘Illegal Activity’

Rep. Ron Kind
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A masseuse in the seedy massage parlor that rents property from a building Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) owns has more suspected ties to prostitution and human trafficking, according to a report.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that police records show the business owner being kicked out of South Dakota for “illegal activity.” The reports show that “Chunyan Yang began managing a South Dakota massage parlor in August 2013.” According to the record, the business was called Asian Health Massage and was located in Sioux Falls.

The report showed that soon after the business was open in 2013, the police heard reports of “females being held against their will” and being “forced to work” at the business, which caused the authorities to investigate. The authorities also believed “the female workers are participating in Prostitution Activities.”

Yang, who was named the subject in the investigation, pleaded guilty two years late for “practicing massage without a license and left South Dakota.” Yang later found her way to Plymouth, Minnesota. Yang tried to renew her license, but the application was denied due to Yang falsifying the applications and not putting she was convicted on a previous crime, which was related to the same licenses. The denial also indicated that the business was linked to “illegal activity” through reviews on illicit sex massage sites, citing RubMaps.

The Beacon’s report showed that in 2016, Yang had tried to get her license back and participated in a council hearing:

“The reviews state that they had sexual experiences with staff or massage therapists at this location,” then-Plymouth police chief Mike Goldstein Testified at a council hearing. One such Review described a masseuse named “Anna,” who “began to play around” with the client’s testicles before performing a penile maneuver that “made [him] pop in no time.” Goldstein later testified that Yang “used a number of different names over the last several years” and that “one of those names was Anna.”

However, while in Minnesota, the Plymouth Police Department’s Special Investigations Unit investigated the establishment she was a part of, which later ended in the arrest of an employee.

In a police report from 2017, an officer wrote that on, “The majority of the reviews are for massage parlors that offer extra services commonly referred to as ‘happy endings.’” After a sting operation, the officer arrested an employee for prostitution following a sexual interaction he had. Yang later told the officers that the business was registered in her “daughter’s name.” Yang said, “I’m the manager, they wouldn’t renew my license, so I had to put it in my daughter’s name.”

Breitbart News previously reported that Yang then eventually found her way to La Crosse, Wisconsin, where “Impression Spa” opened in 2018 in a building Kind owns. The business is now known as “Asian Sunny Massage.” Reports have shown that the spa advertisements had advertisements on “various illicit websites that are known as avenues for illicit sex.”

A report from Fox News shows Kind allegedly made tens of thousands from renting a property he owns to a massage parlor that has advertised its spa on websites notorious for prostitution advertisements. His financial disclosure form in his 2018 and 2019 financial showed Kind made between $15,001 and $50,000 in rent income from the building in La Crosse.

In the past, Kind has struggled to fend off the attacks on him, and the business called them “baseless smear[s] rooted in racism and insinuations.” Kind has not made any statements on the ordeal since May.

The Beacon further reported:

Wisconsin attorney Joe Veenstra of Johns, Flaherty & Collins also defended Impression Spa—which has since been renamed Asian Sunny Massage—as a “perfectly legitimate business.” In a May statement, the attorney threatened “serious legal action” toward “anyone in the press” publishing “political hit pieces.” Veenstra, however, did not disclose his status as a Kind campaign donor. The firm’s managing partner, Brent Smith, has also served as Kind’s campaign treasurer since August 2020, campaign finance disclosures show.

National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Spokesman Mike Berg said in a statement, “Ron Kind is in business with some very bad people. Kind should immediately explain to Wisconsin families why he has made tens of thousands from a seedy massage parlor.”


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