Poll: Majority Think Economic Growth More Important than ‘Climate Change’

Booming US Economy
Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

A majority of surveyed Americans think economic growth is more important than “addressing climate change,” even among Democrats, according to a Thursday poll by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Seventy-one percent of Americans think President Joe Biden should most focus on economic growth, compared to 45 percent of those who feel “climate change” should be his main focus.

The poll also noted more Democrats believe economic growth should be a federal priority than climate change, 76-71 percent, respectively.

The preference for economic growth over the theory of global warming comes as Democrats have sung the praises of “climate” initiatives that would destroy the United State’s economy by “imposing staggering annual costs” on each household.

Take for instance the Green New Deal (GND) template Biden has used as a template for his “climate” polices.

“The Green New Deal would drive middle class families into poverty by imposing staggering annual costs of more than $40,000 per household,” research director for the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty Will Flanders said.

“At its root, the Green New Deal is a radical blueprint to decarbonize the American economy. Carbon, whether contained in wood, coal, gas or oil, is a byproduct of burning fuel. Eliminating these energy sources would have massive ramifications for the economy,” a study by the Competitive Enterprise Institute stated.

The Heritage Foundation also wrote about the far-left proposal, “The costs of the GND would be devastatingly high for households. Government policies that drive up energy bills are not only very regressive, but they would also harm consumers multiple times as they pay more for food, clothes and all of the other goods that require energy to make.”


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