Report: Democrats ‘Infrastructure’ Bill Hopes to Transform American Social, Economic Landscape

Tess Finnegan poses with her family on December 12, 2017, in Washington, DC. The US economy is nearing full employment, with its jobless rate the lowest in almost 20 years, but women in the workforce don't fully benefit. Due to the lack of widely available and affordable child care and …
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The multi-trillion dollar price tag on what the Democrats are calling regular and human “infrastructure” bills is in the headlines, but if the legislation passes the change, it will bring will come at a cost to the American way of life.

And even if only some of the far left’s wish list becomes law, everyone will face a societal shift on a number of fronts, including the expansion of the federal government to mandate health, education, and child care freebies and benefits.

As Breitbart News has reported, the left-wing of the Democrat Party claim that taxing corporations and the wealthy — who already pay the majority of taxes — will foot the bill for the estimated $5 trillion proposal.

But they make no mention of inflation and taxes impeding economic growth.

The Axios website reported on some of changes Americans might face if this legislation passes during a House vote on Thursday in a story titled, “Biden’s Reengineer-America Moment.”

In the transportation section, public will supersede private with “$66 billion for Amtrak and other rail projects. House Democrats want to add $10 billion more for high-speed rail that would connect to local and regional transportation networks.”

Axios reported:

House Democrats have also proposed linking public transit and affordable housing to give lower-income people better access to jobs, health care and education. A joint program between the Federal Transit Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development would provide $10 billion in grants to support struggling communities.

The bill also contains pieces that business and oil-and-gas industry groups argue would raise energy consumer costs. They include a new fee imposed on methane emissions from the oil-and-gas industry, and financial carrots and sticks to speed deployment of zero-carbon power.

Electric vehicles will be chosen as winners nd tax credits — up to $12,500 per vehicle — could be put in place, and $13.5 billion couold be spent on EV infrastructure, including public charging stations.

In the health care sector, it would be Obamacare 2.0, expanding government health care by seven million people in 2022 alone, Axios reported, according to one estimate.

The pharmaceutical sector claims the bill could discourage research into medicines to fight diseases like cancer and dementia.

The freebies in the education and child care sector includes free day care for “lower” income families and two free years of pre-school before kindergarten. Two years of free community college is also in the legislation.

“Also in Biden’s plans: 12 weeks of paid family leave to tend to a sick family member — a responsibility that disproportionately falls on women — and an additional $400 billion to expand comfort and care for elderly Americans,” Axios reported.

Axios reported governors of both red and blue states are eager to get more money from taxpayers.

“This kind of bill does have the potential to improve the lives of Americans for generations,” Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan, a Democrat, told Axios.

“Even though I know that my successors will probably be cutting the ribbons, I know that it’s my responsibility to plant trees now so that my children will have shade,” Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt, a Republican, told Axios.

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