U.S. Universities Control Students with Online Reporting Systems, from Protecting ‘Identities’ to Doxing Unvaccinated  

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Students who log on to their college or university’s website will discover more than admission forms and curriculum choices. On many campuses online portals allow school officials to keep track of student’s behavior, including responding to threats to safe spaces and students who are have not received the coronavirus vaccine.

Michigan State University’s Culturally Inclusive College Sharing System allows the university to “track and respond to behaviors and situations that work to support or detract from [its] goals of a safe and supportive environment.”

Campus Reform reported on MSU and other schools who are employing similar systems:

The [MSU] form tells students that some protected speech can still warrant a report. Anything intended to “intimidate, demean, mock, degrade, marginalize, or threaten” their identities, real or perceived, is worth notifying the university about. Actions need not be intended to harm and can do as little as promote a “negative, hostile, or unwelcoming environment for the target.”

MSU’s CIC system is similar to the widespread COVID-reporting strategies that have been adopted by universities over the past year, which have encouraged students to report peers who do not comply with COVID-19 regulations.

The University of Miami hired 75 student ambassadors to influence peers to follow health guidelines on campus, the school announced in November 2020. The Bias-Related Incident Reporting form at Harvard Medical School Harvard Medical School, which is designed to ensure every community member feels “that their experiences reflect the School’s values of diversity, equity, and inclusion,” allows students to submit reports anonymously.

Penn State University suspended 117 students last month for not complying with a COVID-19 testing requirement. Students are not allowed to attend classes in-person or online.

Over the same week, Purdue University also suspended eight students, put 18 individuals on a diversion program, and forced on student to leave the university for missing surveillance testing required for unvaccinated students.

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