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VIDEO: UCSB Students ‘Shocked’ Obama Deployed Troops to Border

Students at the University of California, Santa Barbara, (UCSB) had some strong opinions about President Donald Trump’s decision to deploy troops to the U.S.-Mexico border but seemed shocked when they learned former President Barack Obama did the same thing.

"Students at UC Santa Barbara were quick to denounce President Trump's decision to send troops to the southern border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. But would their opinions change when they learned that President Obama took similar actions while in office. "

Watch: University of Virginia Students Sign Petition to Ban Christmas

Campus Reform took to the University of Virginia dressed as “The Hipsters Who Stole Christmas” to see if students would sign their petition to ban Christmas. Reporters Amber Athey and Cabot Phillips, claiming to be members of the fake group “Students for

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USC Drops Sexual Questions from Mandatory Class

The University of Southern California (USC) on Tuesday dropped several “intrusive” and invasive personal questions, which asked students about their sexual activity, from a mandatory online course.

USC Trojan Protest (Neon Tommy / Flickr / CC / Cropped)