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Review: Britain Needs ‘Snoopers Charter’ To Fight Terror

An independent review of draft British security legislation said bulk interception and collection of citizens’ personal data was vital for the intelligence agencies to prevent attacks, a position welcomed by Prime Minister Theresa May.

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Spy Fridge: The Internet of Things Meets the Surveillance State

During the same laugh-a-minute Senate report where he said North Korea was a major nuclear threat, and that Iran would soon join them, and that ISIS was using the “torrent of migrants” from Syria to infiltrate the Western world, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper also said on Tuesday that electronic surveillance would soon be possible through nearly every device in the home.

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Polish Senate Approves Internet Surveillance Law

(AFP) – Poland’s senate on Friday approved a controversial amendment making it easier for the secret service and police to access Internet data, stoking concerns about the state of democracy in the EU member. The new measure will notably give

Polish Senate

Fugitive Millionaire Unwisely Googles Escape Plans, Hires FBI Agent as Sailing Instructor

Sean Ludwick, a 43-year old millionaire from Long Island charged with killing his passenger in a drunk-driving incident, allegedly made a rather ill-conceived attempt to skip bail. He laid his plans with Google searches such as “How do fugitives escape?”, “Why do fugitives get caught?”, “Fleeing from justice – what can happen?”, and “Does Venezuela extradite to the U.S.?”


Islamic State Creates Its Own Secure Messaging App

Islamic State supporters have explored a variety of social media tools for distributing propaganda and coordinating their efforts, most recently the Telegram app — whose owners originally refused to take action against ISIS accounts because they wanted their platform totally free of government interference but changed their stance after the Paris massacre and began blocking ISIS-related channels.

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European Commission Seeks To Limit Under 16s Online Access

The European Commission is attempting to rush through new regulations limiting access to the internet for under 16 year olds. Children would be prevented from setting up social media accounts without parental consent, and would face restrictions on their use

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Destroying Web Privacy Won’t Destroy Islamic State

In the wake of the Paris attacks, there have been fresh calls for tech companies to weaken their privacy protections to allow western security services to monitor online communications. Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called on Silicon Valley to “not view