GA Gov. Kemp: Braves World Series Appearance ‘Going to Be Great for Hard-Working Georgians’ After MLB Played ‘Politics’ with ASG

Monday on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) doubled down on his criticism of Stacey Abrams for her efforts to have Major League Baseball move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta after the Braves clinched its first World Series berth since 1999.

Major League Baseball ended up moving the All-Star Game to Denver, CO, in response to Georgia passing voter integrity law, but now Atlanta will be on the national stage in hosting at least two World Series games.

Kemp said his state hosting World Series games “is going to be great for hard-working Georgians,” much like the Mid-Summer Classic was supposed to be. He argued that Abrams and other activists played “politics” by mischaracterizing the state’s new election law.

“It’s really ridiculous to inject politics into sports and into baseball, but that’s what they did, and then they moved it to a state, Colorado, that’s more restrictive than Georgia is,” Kemp outlined. “I mean, it just was a purely political decision driven by pressure from Stacey Abrams and a lot of activist groups out there. They lied about the Elections Integrity Act, said it’s suppressive. It’s Jim Crow 2.0. It’s not. We got early voting going on right now all across the state of Georgia, and there’s no horror stories. And even though the Justice Department is suing us, we’re going to fight back. And I believe the law will stand as is.”

“This is going to be great for hard-working Georgians,” he added. “That’s what was so outrageous about the last decision that took $100 million of economic impact away from small business owners, a lot of minority businesses, and employees in Atlanta, and then Cobb County where the ballpark is for really no reason other than politics, so it’s great to see the game coming here for the team and the fans and the organization, but it’s also good for those small business owners and hard-working Georgians.”

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