Nolte: New York Times Admits the Appeal of Moving to Texas

Movie theater and shops on a street in Texas
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An opinion piece at the far-left New York Times admits that the appeal of moving to the Red State of Texas is no mystery.

“I’ve lived in California nearly all my life, and it’s still more likely than not that I will remain here; reports of a sudden ‘exodus’ from the state are frequently exaggerated,” writes Farhad Manjoo. “Still, there’s plenty going wrong — soaring housing costs, devastating poverty and inequality, and the cascading disasters brought about by a change in what was once our big selling point, the climate.”

He adds, “Not a month goes by that I don’t wonder what I’m doing here. There’s got to be somewhere better, right?”

Yeah, it’s called Rural MAGA Country.

Manjoo crunched some numbers, took a look at Texas, specifically the Dallas area, and solved the Big Mystery:

As the Golden Gate shuts, the Lone Star beckons. If you’re looking for an affordable, economically vibrant city that is less likely to be damaged by climate change than many other American cities, our data shows why Texas is a new land of plenty. For the many hypothetical life scenarios I ran through our quiz, the suburbs around Dallas — places like Plano, McKinney, Garland, Euless and Allen — came up a lot. It’s clear why these are some of the fastest-growing areas in the country. They have relatively little crime and are teeming with jobs, housing, highly rated schools, good restaurants, clean air and racial and political diversity — all at a steep discount compared to the cost of living in America’s coastal metropolises.

Get this… Texas offers not only jobs and something called “lower climate risks,” but “racial diversity.”

There are lots of places in America with jobs and lower climate risks or jobs and racial diversity, but if you want all three, Texas will take care of you best.

Diversity is what Texas has over many cities in the Midwest or the West — places like Madison or Colorado Springs or Portland. Nearly all of Texas’ recent growth has been in populations of color, and its growth areas are as racially diverse as many places in California. Growth cities in Texas are not just racially diverse but also politically diverse, if you’re into that sort of thing. In Plano, a thriving suburb of Dallas, about 60 percent of voters are Democrats; in Menlo Park, a thriving suburb south of San Francisco, about 80 percent are — the difference between living among political allies and living in an echo chamber.

Much of the article is premised on the Global Warming Hoax, which is what this dumb “climate risk” assessment is all about. Having lived in Southern California for nearly a decade, I can tell you that “climate risk” means there’s better environmental management in Texas, which means fewer massive fires that snarl traffic and fill the air with smoke. It also means Texas does a better job of building the reservoirs needed to ensure no water shortages.

California’s “climate risks” issues are all brought on by extremist environmental policies that 1) cause devastating wildfires, 2) don’t build enough reservoirs to ensure there’s enough water during cyclical droughts, and 3) don’t build power plants.

Additionally, California’s environmental extremism is why that state has a housing crisis. There is plenty of room in California to build new housing. And the former Golden State has plenty of resources to build with. But Democrats have made a choice not to. In Texas, however…

[A real estate agent] and her family moved in 2017 from El Segundo, a beach city next to Los Angeles International Airport, to Prosper, a landlocked oasis of new housing developments north of Dallas. In El Segundo, the median home list price is $1.3 million; in Prosper, it’s less than half that.

And in Prosper, the houses are palatial, many of them part of sprawling new developments that brim with amenities unheard-of in California. “It’s like living in a country club,” Bailey told me, which sounded like hyperbole until she showed me the five-acre lagoon and white sand beach in the development where she and her husband purchased a home. Their house is 5,000 square feet; they bought it for about the same price for which they sold a home they owned in Orange County, which was 1,500 square feet.

What’s more, left-wing extremism is why that state has exploding crime problems.

California is solely controlled by Democrats and is now a failed state. Period.

And please note that the writer of this piece lives in San Francisco, has no intention of moving from San Francisco, even though the rise of the sea levels due to global warming is imminent, right? Right? He says climate issues are stopping him from buying property, but if you were going to be underwater in ten years, wouldn’t you move? And if Global Warming is real (it’s not), why are the same leftists who supposedly believe in Global Warming (which is a hoax), buying property on the California coasts?

It’s very simple… Out here in MAGA Country, our air, water, and streets are clean and safe. We all own guns, but there are no mass-shooting crises and no explosion of violent crime. Oh, and people of all colors and backgrounds live together in relative harmony.

Rural MAGA Country is Utopia.

Democrat-run cities are literal dystopias of pollution, homelessness, hate crimes, violence, lousy schools, left-wing fascism, and despair.

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