Graham Blasts Squad Members over Cash Bail — ‘The Enemy Is the Radical Left’

This week on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Night in America,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slammed members of the Squad for their push to do away with cash bail.

Graham argued that their soft stance on crime emboldened people to engage in more crime. He added that the “enemy is the radical left who is driving Democratic Party down an insane road.”

“What do you say to the family of the victims? How do we go to them as a nation and explain to them that this man was allowed to be loose given this criminal record?” Graham wondered. “The chickens are coming home to roost when it comes to crime and the radical left. It is fashionable in blue states and liberal districts to be soft on crime. It is not fashionable among the average American to allow this to go on and on and on, so we need to vote. … Congresswoman Tlaib has a bill to empty all of the federal prisons by 10 years; mass incarceration needs to go, regardless, apparently, of what you did because of COVID, and some Squad members want to do away with cash bail. Let’s vote on this.”

He later added, “Look at what’s happening throughout California, where people are going into stores and cleaning out the place. You know, thousands of dollars have been taken by these flash mobs, and what ever happens to them? This started with defunding the police. This concept of defunding the police has sent a signal to criminals that there are no more consequences when it comes to breaking the law, and people are not afraid of breaking the law anymore. People are emboldened to break the law.”

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