Biden FCC Nominee Claims Calling Fox News ‘Propaganda’ Will Not Influence Her as Commissioner

Biden pick for FCC Gigi Sohn
Chip Somodevilla /Getty

Gigi Sohn, one of President Joe Biden’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) nominees, said on Wednesday that her labeling Fox News “state-sponsored propaganda” would not influence her policies as a potential FCC commissioner.

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS) asked Sohn about her criticism of conservative media. Sohn, if confirmed to become an FCC commissioner, would have wide swathe over conservative media and other news outlets.

Sohn cofounded Public Knowledge, a leftist nonprofit that has called on cable and satellite providers to censor One America News. Sohn has also called for the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, a conservative-owned network of local broadcasters, to be stripped of its license.

The FCC nominee has also called Fox News “dangerous to our democracy” and “state-sponsored propaganda.”

Wicker asked Sohn if she harbors any bias against Fox News and conservative media.

Sohn said her comments were made in the context of “hearings” and “media reports” and admitted her tone “was a little sharper” than it should be.

She then claimed that her comments as a progressive technology advocate would not influence her work as an FCC commissioner.

“My opinions as a public interest advocate will have no bearing on how I behave as a policy maker,” she said.

Sohn admitted that her commentary against Fox News “was too sharp.”

Senate Republicans have lined up against Biden’s FCC nominee, blasting her criticism of conservative media.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “Gigi Sohn is a complete political ideologue who has disdain for conservatives. She would be a complete nightmare for the country when it comes to regulating the public airwaves.”

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) said, “She’s [Sohn] very left, she’s going to be a heavy hand in regulation.”

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