Joe Biden: Merry Christmas to Those Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

joe and jill biden
Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden issued their Christmas message to the world on Saturday.

“On behalf of our family, we wish a merry Christmas to everyone in the United States and around the world who is celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the promise of hope and renewal,” they wrote in a statement released on Christmas Day.

The first couple celebrated their first Christmas as president and first lady in the White House, not at their home in Delaware.

They did not release a Christmas video address, but took time to speak to American troops serving overseas in a video conference call from the White House set in the Executive Office Building. Press access was cut short after the Bidens spoke for about five minutes.

Their statement pointed to the values of “faith, family, and friendship; a love of the arts, learning, and nature; gratitude, service, and community; unity and peace,” noting that they should “unite us and transcend distance, time and even the constraints of a pandemic.”

“Looking back at this year, we’ve seen enormous courage, character, resilience, and resolve in all of you who heal, comfort, teach, and protect and serve in ways big and small,” the statement continued.

The statement cited the importance of praying for those serving in the military and their families, as well as those who lost loved ones in the pandemic.

“This sacred season is yet another reminder that we are a great nation because we are a good people,” it read.

They urged Americans to “find light in the darkness” during the season, despite the pandemic.

“As we celebrate our first Christmas in the White House, we see the world through the eyes of the Child born on this day – of hope and love, peace and joy, and of the light that shines within us all,” the statement continued.

“We are forever humbled and grateful to serve as your President and First Lady,” they concluded.


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