Nolte: Joe Biden’s Economic Disapproval Rating Hits Record Low of Last Three Presidents

WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 04: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks during a meeting of the White House COVID-19 Response Team January 4 , 2022 in Washington, DC. The U.S. continues to see daily case counts increase in the midst of another winter surge brought about primarily by the Omicron variant. …
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A full 55 percent rate His Fraudulency Joe Biden as “poor” for his (mis)handling of the economy. This is lower than our two most recent former presidents — Donald Trump and Barry Obama — polled at any time during their respective presidencies.

Biden has also hit a three-president low in his (mis)handling of national security issues. Currently, 50 percent of those polled rate him as “poor.”

From Rasmussen:

In fact, Biden’s economic and national security ratings are worse than the lowest ratings of either of his two immediate predecessors. Former President Donald Trump’s lowest ratings for his handling of both the economy (44% poor) and national security (47% poor) were in July 2017.  Former President Barack Obama’s worst rating on the economy was 51% poor in August 2011 while Obama’s lowest rating on national security was 47% poor in January 2016.

The full numbers are even more startling…

On the economy, a  full 66 percent of Americans rate Biden as “poor” (55 percent) or “fair” (11 percent). Meanwhile, only 32 percent rate him as “excellent” (18 percent) or “good” (14 percent).

Previously, in this poll, Biden’s worst economic rating was a 51 percent “poor” rating.

On national security, a clear majority of 62 percent rate Biden as “poor” (50 percent) or “fair” (12 percent), while only 34 percent rate His Fraudulency as “excellent” (17 percent) or “good” (17 percent).

That 34 percent rating on national security is Biden’s lowest since he allegedly won the election. The previous low was 38 percent back in August when he so horribly botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan. So it makes sense that this number would be even lower today. Despite the fake news media’s best efforts, people haven’t forgotten that there are still Americans held hostage by the Taliban.

More than anything, what should trouble the White House is where Biden stands with “unaffiliated,” or Independent voters. A clear majority of 58 percent of Independents rate Biden’s handling of national security as “poor.” An even high number of Independents, 63 percent, say the same about the economy.

If you add up the “fair” and “poor” column with Independent voters, on the economy, Biden sits at 74 percent disapproval. On national security, his disapproval rating is 71 percent.

On the economy, Biden is even underwater with black voters. A plurality of 47 percent of black Americans rate Biden’s handling of the economy as “poor” (31 percent) to “fair” (16 percent), while only 46 percent rate him as “excellent (29 percent) to “good” (17 percent).

Black voters used to be the Democrat party’s most loyal base. That is no longer the case.

These numbers are very much in line with what we’re seeing from other pollsters.

Currently, in the RealClearPolitics poll of polls, Biden is underwater on the economy by 15 points. Only 40 percent approve of the job he’s doing, while 55 percent disapprove.

On national security (or foreign policy), Biden is underwater by 11.5 points. Only 41 percent approve of the job he’s doing compared to 52.5 percent who disapprove.

Biden’s overall job approval rating is underwater by 11.5 points. Only 42.5 percent approve, while a clear majority of 54 percent disapprove.

My guess is that Biden’s mishandling of the Omicron variant is about to make things much worse for him in the arena of public standing. He failed to order enough tests. He failed to see it coming when it was inevitable. And he contributed to an overreaction that is definitely going to affect job and economic growth.

This poll also proves that the media’s absurd obsession with the Capitol Hill riot last January is not distracting voters in the way the media would like. No one cares about any of that nonsense, not when Americans are being held hostage, and the cost of food and energy are exploding.

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