House Democrats Block Ashley Hinson Bill to Reopen Schools with In-Person Learning

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House Democrats on Tuesday blocked consideration of Rep. Ashley Hinson’s (R-IA) bill that would ensure that federal funds are used to reopen the nation’s schools with access to in-person learning.

Republicans offered a motion to block the previous question, meaning if that the House did not advance the previous question on a bill, they would consider Hinson’s Reopen Schools Act (H.R. 682).

Hinson’s Reopen Schools Act would ensure that federal funds are prioritized to open classrooms and ensure that American children have access to in-person learning.

Democrats blocked the motion 219-203. This is the fifth time that Democrats have blocked consideration of this legislation.

Across the nation, many children remain subject to school closures and virtual learning.

Congress has provided over $200 billion in coronavirus aid relief for state and local governments.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) noted that schools can reopen if precautions are taken.

Hinson spoke on the House floor about the drastic need to ensure children can learn in person:

Madame Speaker, our amendment would ensure that students are no longer kept out of the classroom and forced to learn from behind a screen. It would ensure that parents are able to return to the workplace. It would help combat the ongoing youth mental health crisis spurred by school closures.

My bill, the Reopen Schools Act, would condition federal covid grants to schools on those schools actually being open and operating in the first place which is what that money was intended to do.

So many students are still trapped behind screens. And what about the students who don’t have regular computer and broadband internet access? What about students in households without computers or even households with only one computer where mom and dad are maybe trying to also use it for work?

Virtual learning means we are leaving behind our most vulnerable students, our rural students, our students with additional learning challenges. And even kids who have every virtual advantage are struggling.

She added, “Families are struggling. Working parents are challenged like never before, and American kids are suffering and paying the price for it.”

Sean Moran is a congressional reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter @SeanMoran3.


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