EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Freedom Convoy Demonstrator: Canadians Are ‘Tired of Being Sorry’

Robert Kraychik / Breitbart News

OTTAWA, Ontario – “I’m tired of being sorry,” a demonstrator feeding truckers and others at the Freedom Convoy protest identifying himself as Dave told Breitbart News on Wednesday.

Dave, who told Breitbart News he came to Ottawa from Montreal, Quebec, said he had been in the nation’s capital since Friday night. He was volunteering working a makeshift kiosk serving hot coffee and chocolate, tea, soups, and other food and drink provided by donations to trucker demonstrators and other protesters near Parliament Hill.

Canadians have a reputation for being excessively conciliatory, Dave stated. He remarked, “We’ve been known worldwide to be too sorry for stuff, and I’m tired of being sorry.”

Dave described the atmosphere of the ongoing demonstration.

“This is what happens when Canada – coast to coast – gathers in one area,” he shared. “It’s nothing but smiles, good vibes, support love, appreciation, resistance, and freedom.” He added, “We feel like we have a certain responsibility to stick around because so many good vibes came our way. It’s heartwarming to see how we can help [and] how people help us back.”

“We came here to show support for this whole protest,” he said when asked for his motivations in coming to Ottawa.

He added, “Truckers have led the way, in a phenomenal way. … It’s not a race anymore. … We’re not in race mode, anymore. We’re in marathon mode. The longer you stick around and everything goes smoothly, that’s where you grow something.”

Dave said his kiosk was part of building a temporary “community” of likeminded Canadians opposed to varying restrictions imposed across the country marketed by government authorities as “public health” measures. Coffee helps facilitate conversation, he noted.

“Coffee is a social thing,” he observed. “So people gather, they grab a cup of coffee, and exchange their ideas.”


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