Poll: Majority of New Hampshire Voters Disapprove of Joe Biden, Say Border Security Is Important Issue

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A majority of New Hampshire voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance, an NHJ survey found.

The survey, taken May 25-26, 2022, among 526 registered voters, found a majority, 57 percent, disapproving on Biden’s job performance. Just 39.3 percent approve. This is significant, as New Hampshire voters supported Biden over Trump in the 2020 election 52.9 percent to Trump’s 45.5 percent. 

Perhaps what is more, 59.5 of independent voters — a key demographic —  in the Granite State disapprove of Biden’s job performance. 

Further, the survey focused on the current  border crisis under President Biden’s leadership. Three-quarters of New Hampshire voters say border security and illegal immigration is an important issue.

A plurality across the board, 37.3 percent, say terrorists or criminals coming into the country is the most concerning problem when it comes to border security. Another 27.4 percent say the biggest concern is illegal drugs coming into America, followed by 16.4 percent who said that the biggest concern is the “strain on schools and public welfare system” and 4.8 percent who said “foreign workers taking American jobs.”

All the while, Republicans are pressing Biden to use Title 42 — the public health authority used during the Chinese coronavirus, which Democrats are trying to end —  to fight the fentanyl crisis gripping the nation:

In April, Trump-appointed Judge Robert R. Summerhays announced he would block the administration from ending Title 42, and this month, he issued a preliminary injunction — blocking Title 42 from being eliminated.

Since then, the Biden administration has vowed to appeal Summerhays’s decision. A growing consensus among Senate Republicans, though, is calling on Biden to transfer the use of Title 42 from COVID-19 to fentanyl.


[Sen.] Hagerty introduced legislation that would have added drug smuggling as an additional basis for Title 42 at the border. A motion to secure unanimous consent to pass the bill was blocked by Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI).

“We desperately need Title 42 to fight this drug epidemic,” Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) stated. “It’s a tool that would quite literally save American lives in every state in the union immediately.”

He continued, blasting Democrats for opposing “commonsense border security tools to prevent drug trafficking into America.”

“How much longer will it take to change course from the Biden immigration policies that have created this national security crisis?” he asked.


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