Kamala Harris Visits Highland Park After Shooting: ‘We Have to Take this Stuff Seriously’

US Vice President Kamala Harris reacts as she arrives to visit the site of a shooting whic

Vice President Kamala Harris visited the site of the July 4th Highland Park shooting on Tuesday, offering remarks to express sympathy to the community.

“We have to take this stuff seriously, as seriously as you are, because you have been forced to have to take this seriously,” she said to reporters after touring the crime scene.

Seven people were shot and killed by a deranged gunman during an Independence Day parade, and more than 30 people were wounded.

“The whole nation should understand and have a level of empathy to understand that this could happen anywhere in any peace-loving community,” she said.

Harris spoke with local officials and police officers as a handful of people stopped to observe her visit.

“We should stand together and speak out about why it’s gotta stop,”

Harris visited Highland Park after delivering a speech at the National Education Association in Chicago, Illinois.

It is unclear whether Biden will travel to visit the community, as he is selective about which mass shooting sites he visits personally.

During her speech in Chicago, Harris referred to the attack as a “senseless act of gun violence.”

“We need to stop this violence,” she said. “And we must protect our communities from the terror of gun violence. You know, I’ve said it before: Enough is enough.”


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