Watch: John Fetterman Struggles Incoherently in Speech Again

john fetterman
MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Pennsylvania Democrat U.S. Senate Candidate John Fetterman struggled yet again in another campaign speech this week as he failed to differentiate between Washington D.C., New Jersey, and his home.

Speaking to steelworkers in Pennsylvania, Fetterman constantly corrected himself and barely finished his final thought about his proposed candidacy.

“Please understand the stakes in this race. Send me to Washington, D.C.– to send– so I can work with Senator Casey. And I can champion the union way of life in Jersey- excuse me- in D.C.,” he said.

“Thank you, thank you very much, and it’s an honor,” he added. “I live eight minutes away from here, and when I leave tonight, I got three miles away. Dr. Oz in his mansion in New Jersey. You’ve got a friend and you have an ally. Send me to Washington, D.C. Thank you, steelworkers.”

The video serves as yet another example out of several indicating that the candidate’s mental faculties have clearly not returned to normal as he recovers from a stroke.

As Fetteraman’s opponent, Mehmet Oz, continues to narrow the gap in the race, the former lieutenant governor rejected an early September debate, citing his recovery while accusing Oz’s campaign of mocking a stroke victim.

“I’m eager to put my record and my values up against Dr. Oz’s any day of the week,” Fetterman said. “As I recover from this stroke and improve my auditory processing and speech, I look forward to continuing to meet with the people of Pennsylvania.”

Christopher Borick, a pollster and political science professor at Muhlenberg College in Pennsylvania, told NBC News that Fetterman will have to debate Oz in the fall if wants to secure victory.

“There is a degree of pressure for Fetterman to demonstrate that he’s ready to go,” said Borick. “It doesn’t mean he has to agree with everything. But he’s going to have to debate Oz this fall. I don’t think it’s highly salient in this campaign, but given Fetterman’s health situation, he has to show he’s capable of occupying this role.”

CNN political analyst Michael Smerconish also agreed that Fetterman will lose the race against Mehmet Oz if he continues hiding from debates.

“In the end, I think he’s going to have to come out and play,” said Smerconish.
“In the end, I don’t think he can win the campaign — Fetterman — by simply running an organized social media or paid media campaign,” he added.


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