House GOP Poised to Investigate Hunter Biden If They Regain Majority 

Hunter Biden
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

With midterm elections less than two months away, House Republicans are getting ready to investigate President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, if they regain the majority.

House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has already spoken with top House Republicans about coordinating investigations across committees, the Washington Post reported.

House Republicans have pledged to use the majority’s investigative powers to look into Hunter’s business dealings and art sales, among other things.

A GOP Oversight Committee aide told the Washington Post:

The House Oversight Committee has expansive oversight authority under House rules. Next Congress, Oversight Committee Republicans will continue their investigation into the Biden family’s suspicious business dealings using the power of the gavel to get answers for the American people.

“Our base wants us to look at Hunter Biden,” a senior GOP aide added.

To prepare for the expected slew of investigations, McCarthy has encouraged ranking Republicans currently sitting on House committees to send letters to Biden administration agencies asking them to turn over or preserve documents.

House Republicans have already sent more than 500 requests to agencies, according to the Washington Post.

One of these inquiries includes a letter Rep. James Comer (R-KY) sent to the U.S. Treasury about Hunter Biden, who is under federal investigation for various financial matters.

Comer’s letter to the Treasury and different banks requested more information on Hunter and his business associates’ finances.

In addition to sending letters, McCarthy is holding regular training sessions for members and staff on how to run an investigative probe. For example, McCarthy held an “Oversight Education Series: Investigations 101” session earlier this summer.

Last month, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) revealed he and his GOP colleagues in the House have already discussed creating a select committee to investigate Hunter Biden.

“There have already been discussions among members about what different committees need to contribute to a select committee to look into Hunter Biden,” Gaetz told Breitbart News.

Along with Hunter Biden, House Republicans have also pledged investigations into Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal, the origins of coronavirus, and Biden’s weapons sales to Ukraine, among other things.

McCarthy is also expected to create a select committee on China, according to the Washington Post.

Biden’s White House is gearing up to deal with the possibility of multiple inquiries from a Republican-led Congress, with significant shakeups taking place in the White House Counsel’s Office.

“As we have since the transition, we are ensuring the White House is prepared for the issues we are facing or will face in the future, and we have built and continue to build a strong legal team to conduct our work and serve the public and the President,” White House Counsel’s office spokesman Ian Sams said.

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