Exclusive — Clark County, Nevada, Shares Poll Worker Data ‘Less than 24 Hours’ After RNC Files Lawsuit

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - OCTOBER 17: People line up to vote at a shopping center on the first d
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Clark County, Nevada, election officials have begun sharing poll worker political affiliation data with the Republican National Committee (RNC) after the RNC filed a lawsuit against the county for failing to comply with public records requests ahead of the 2022 midterms.

“Less than 24 hours after we filed suit against Clark County for failing to meet basic standards of election transparency, the county has already begun releasing the information it was hiding,” RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel exclusively told Breitbart News on Thursday.

“This is a direct result of our legal strategy and underscores our commitment to aggressively holding Democrat election officials accountable for eroding trust in elections. However, the County has not yet provided the level of detail necessary to secure Nevadans’ faith in the process – we look forward to them doing so soon following this first victory,” McDaniel continued. 

Nevada state law mandates that “the registered voters appointed as election board officers for any polling place must not all be of the same political party.” The RNC said it “tried negotiating in good faith” for months with the county to determine whether it is following the law by ensuring bipartisan poll worker representation for the upcoming elections, though the county reportedly “refused [the RNC’s] repeated requests.”

When Clark County allegedly expressed privacy concerns and potential for worker harassment, the RNC said it even went as far as promising not to share the data with anyone other than RNC attorneys, a “generous compromise” which the committee said was rejected. Clark County notably includes Las Vegas and accounts for roughly 70 percent of the Silver State’s population. 

As a result, the RNC filed a lawsuit against the county on Tuesday, accusing the county of  “frustrat[ing] the public’s interests in open government and in ensuring a fair, transparent, and controversy-free election.” While the county has produced other requested documents for the RNC, it says it denied the committee’s poll worker data request due to “election security,” the complaint states. 

“Like other government employees, poll workers are paid with taxpayer funds. Poll workers are also public facing at election sites around Clark County during early voting and on Election Day. Thus, information about poll workers is not confidential and the requested information is presumptively open to public inspection under the NPRA,” the RNC complaint argues.

Clark County’s surrendering of poll worker data also comes after public information administrator Dan Kulin doubled down on the the county’s refusal to comply with the records request.

“Clark County takes seriously the privacy of our poll workers to protect these citizens from harassment, threats, and other forms of intimidation. The integrity of our election process is critical and so is ensuring that those who are working to uphold the rights of all citizens to exercise their right to vote are not threatened by others who wish to unravel our election process,” Kulin said in an emailed statement to Las Vegas Review-Journal on Tuesday after the lawsuit was filed. 

Recent similar RNC records requests in other cities and counties around the country have rendered worrying results. As Breitbart News reported on Sept. 12, the RNC found that Michigan cities Kalamazoo and Flint deviated significantly from state law, which requires local election commissions to hire an equal number of Republican and Democrat poll workers. Kalamazoo instead hired 132 Democrat election inspectors ahead of the state’s August primary elections, and only 60 Republicans. In Flint, the ratio was 442 Democrat election inspectors to 27 Republicans.

The RNC additionally found that officials in Maricopa County, Arizona hired 857 Democrats and 712 Republicans, contrary to state law which requires an equal number of poll workers from both parties.


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