Joe Biden Blooper: ‘I Sure in Hell Don’t Think We Should Be Funding the FBI’

Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

President Joe Biden stumbled into a confusing discussion on Friday about supporting the idea of defunding the FBI.

“I sure in hell don’t think we should be funding the FBI either,” he said during his speech, without correcting his comment.

The president spoke about the FBI during a campaign rally at National Education Association headquarters in Washington, DC.

During his speech, Biden attacked Republicans for criticizing the FBI even while vowing to make America safer from crime.

He told his supporters he never supported the idea of defunding the police, despite agreeing during his 2020 campaign that funding could be redirected from police departments to other social programs.

Biden said that Republicans could not claim to support law and order after the riots on January 6th, and accused them of failing to support law enforcement.

He also tied in support for the Second Amendment as evidence that Republicans did not support law enforcement.

“You can’t claim to be for a safe America if you take orders from the NRA,” he said.


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