Poll: GOP’s ‘Commitment To America’ Proposals are Overwhelmingly Popular

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), right, listens as House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)
Barry Reeger/AP

A national survey released from the American Action Network (AAN), a nonprofit with close ties to House GOP leadership, showed that the House Republicans’ “Commitment To America” is overwhelmingly popular among likely voters in battleground and conservative congressional districts.

The survey found that the key components of the Republicans’ policy proposals are enjoying widespread support across the country in both battleground and conservative congressional districts by double-digit margins, a press release said.

Last week, the House Republicans rolled out the “Commitment to America,” a “core group of policies that fit on a pocket card designed to help them and their candidates communicate the GOP’s vision effectively in the midterm elections,” as Breitbart News reported.

A net of 39 percent of Americans in conservative districts and a net of 22 percent of Americans in battleground districts agree that Democrats in Congress have no plan to fix inflation. Additionally, a net of 30 percent in conservative districts and a net of 22 percent in battleground districts also agree that the Democrats’ reckless spending is a major reason why “life has become unaffordable.”

Regarding economic issues, many respondents in conservative and battleground districts also said they were likely to back a candidate who supports many of the policies in the Republicans’ “Commitment to America.”

Some examples:


  • Bringing the supply chains back from China: 61 percent in conservative/47 percent in battleground
  • Ending wasteful spending: 46 percent in conservative/22 percent in battleground
  • Rolling back oil and gas restrictions to lower gas prices: 41 percent in conservative/21 percent in battleground


  • Holding prosecutors accountable to ensure they prosecute criminals: 40 percent in conservative/21 percent in battleground
  • Hiring more police officers: 37 percent in conservative/24 percent in battleground


  • Securing the border: 60 percent in conservative/41 percent in battleground


  • Protecting girls’ sports: 41 percent in conservative/24 percent in battleground
  • Parent’s Bill of Rights to ensure transparency in education: 39 percent in conservative/14 percent in battleground

AAN president Dan Conston said, “Leader McCarthy’s Commitment to America is a roadmap for substantive, common sense proposals that will turn our country around.”

“The ideas in this plan generate widespread support with Americans of all stripes because they will revive the economy, restore public safety, and lower costs for working families,” Conston added.

The surveys were conducted by American Viewpoint and Meeting Street in battleground congressional districts from July 8 to 13 and safe Republican congressional districts from July 8 to 11.

The sample size in battleground districts was 1,073 likely voters with a three percent margin of error. In safe GOP districts it was 1,200 likely voters with a 2.8 percent margin of error. Both have a 95 percent confidence level.

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