Nolte: Biden’s Baby Formula Crisis Still a Crisis — ‘Easier to Get Fentanyl’

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - JANUARY 13: Baby formula is offered for sale at a big box store on Jan
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“It’s easier to get fentanyl than it is to get baby formula in Philadelphia,” a voter told surging U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Oz this week.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America, where His Fraudulency opens the southern border to anyone who wants to poison our country with fentanyl, a country where citizens and legal immigrants still — still! — can’t get baby formula.

We’re a year into Biden’s baby formula crisis, and yet, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Adults in roughly one-third of households with infant children who typically use formula had trouble obtaining it last month, according to a recent survey by the U.S. Census Bureau.”

This is America.

We don’t have enough baby formula.

In America!

In just two weeks, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has rebuilt two bridges knocked out by a recent hurricane. Two bridges in two weeks. But after a full year, Joe Biden and the full force of the fascist federal government can’t fix the baby formula shortage. So naturally, this ongoing crisis receives no fake media coverage. It’s such a fail on Biden’s part, it has to be kept quiet.


On average, 40% of adults with household incomes less than $75,000 reported difficulty finding formula the previous week, twice the rate of those whose household incomes topped $75,000.

Parents and caregivers have been scouring stores and websites to find baby formula this year after a February recall by Abbott Laboratories one of two top U.S. formula makers, compounded ongoing supply-chain problems.

America was once the most dynamic, wealthy, and prosperous country in the world. Then Joe Biden became president.

In less than two years, Donald Trump made America energy independent and brought unemployment levels in the black and Hispanic communities to record lows.

Donald Trump ensured we had a miracle COVID vaccine in less than a year.

Nevertheless, with more than a year to solve this problem, America still has a baby formula shortage under Joe Biden, still has supply chain issues, and brutally high energy and food prices.

Democrats are very efficient at delivering gay porn and drag queens into our schools. Democrats are amazingly efficient when it comes to emptying our prisons and flooding city streets with violent criminals.

Democrats are superb at pushing things that will mutilate our children: irreversible puberty blockers, chemical castration, breast and penis removal.

But one thing Democrats can’t deliver is baby formula.

Maybe that’s because Democrats hate babies.

Hey, if we can’t abort them, let’s starve ’em!

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