Joe Biden Gripes About Lack of Freedom After Secret Service Stops Him from Wandering Off


President Joe Biden flashed annoyance at his Secret Service detail as they redirected him at the White House after an event on Monday.

The president and First Lady Jill Biden participated in a tree planting ceremony for White House groundskeeper Dale Haney to mark his 50 years of service.

After the event Biden began walking away in one direction before a Secret Service agent pointed him toward the opposite direction.

“Which way we going?” Biden asked.

“This way,” the agent replied.

“How about going the other way?” Biden responded.

“This way sir,” another agent added.

How about if I want to go that way?” Biden continued.

“You can go that way if you want,” the agent replied.

“You can go wherever you want,” the first lady said encouragingly.

“Yeah I notice how much freedom I have,” Biden replied sarcastically as his proceeded in the right direction.


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