Tea Party Patriots Action Multi-State Election Integrity Campaign Draws Thousands

A volunteer poll worker wears a VOTE mask waiting in line to help early voters cast their
Ty Wright/Getty Images

Ahead of the high-stakes 2022 midterm elections, Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA), one of the largest grassroots conservative organizations in the country, has been teaching thousands of Americans about election integrity and civic participation. 

The organization has reportedly trained more than 7,500 people in its election integrity program, along with organizing a multi-state campaign to recruit and train people to be poll workers and poll watchers.

Jenny Beth Martin, honorary chair of Tea Party Patriots Action (TPPA), told the Washington Times that thousands of volunteers across the country have been “trained on working to clean states’ voter rolls, understanding changes in election equipment, and learning how to become poll watchers or workers such as election judges. She said part of the effort is getting a local task force leader to “befriend” a county clerk of elections or other officials to learn about the local election procedures and voting systems,” according to the report.

“The first part is about personal relationships, and the second is about procedures and policies,” Martin said. “Do they use temporary staffing companies [to manage elections]? What computer systems are they using? What contracts do they have in place for that?”

The organization has established election integrity tours in several states, including Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. TPPA also holds election integrity summits in coalition with the Conservative Partnership Institute in eight states, as wells as four national conference trainings and online trainings.

By numbers, TPPA has trained 994 people on understanding election equipment change, recruited and trained 5,100 people, and established 58 local task forces operating in Georgia, Virginia, Florida, and North Carolina. 

The TPPA says it has been focusing on election integrity since early 2021 with the ultimate goal of helping citizens build permanent election integrity infrastructure in their counties and states.

“The reason the Left has controlled the election process and administration for so long is because they built their election infrastructure a long time ago,” the TPPA noted. “It is not something that can be pulled out of a hat at the last minute.”

“The feedback we have received from attendees has been fantastic, with a request for additional trainings in more locations,” the organization added.


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