Louisiana Voters Approve Amendment Banning Foreigners from Voting

Louisiana voters head to the polls to vote on November 4, 2014 in New Orleans, United States. Voters will be deciding on a U.S. Senate race as well as several local races and amendments. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Louisiana voters approved an amendment on Saturday clarifying in the state’s constitution that foreign nationals are not to vote in local and state elections. Federal election laws already ban foreign nationals from voting.

A 73 percent majority, or about 315,000 Louisiana voters, approved the amendment which will again clarify in the state’s constitution that voting in local and state elections is a right reserved only for American citizens.

About 27 percent, or 114,000 voters, opposed the amendment.

Louisiana Secretary of State

The amendment comes as a number of states, and even deeply Democrat counties, have approved similar amendments by large majorities to ban foreign nationals from voting in municipal and state elections.

Last month, for instance, nearly 80 percent of Ohio voters approved an amendment to the state’ constitution that clarifies that only American citizens can vote in elections and specifically bans illegal aliens from voting.

Likewise, in Multnomah County, Oregon — which includes the city of Portland, one of the most Democrat cities in the United States — a 58 percent majority of voters rejected an initiative that would have allowed foreign nationals to vote in county elections.

Voters’ rejection of the Multnomah County initiative is set against a backdrop where Washington, DC, is set to become the latest Democrat jurisdiction to give foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, the right to vote.

Democrats in New York City had sought a similar plan, but the New York Supreme Court struck down the noncitizen voting law — stating that it violated the state’s constitution.

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