Canadian Sniper: Military Booted Me for Refusal to Comply with Vaccine Mandate

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Dallas Alexander, a former special operations sniper with Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), said in an interview with retired U.S. Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan published Tuesday that he was removed from the Canadian military following his refusal to comply with “vaccination mandates” imposed by the Canadian government on the country’s military personnel.

In recent years, the Canadian military began increasingly infiltrated by “wokeness,” Alexander remarked. These “woke” policies, he added, included “sensitivity training” that reduced available time and energy for martial training.

“Every category of wokeness, it seemed like there was a sensitivity course that came along with it,” he stated. “Now, do I think people need to be nice to other people? Yes. Do I think it needs to take away from my fucking range time because you have some agenda? No.”

So instead of learning how to kill people, you’re learning how to not hurt anybody’s feelings,” Ryan replied.

Alexander recalled his refusal to comply with the federal government’s vaccine mandate.

He stated, “It should be up to the individual to make that assessment — your own fucking health — especially fucking injecting something in your body. It’s like the ultimate overstep on someone’s freedom, like, ‘You must inject this.'”

After his applications for exemptions to the mandate on religious grounds were rejected, his contention with his military higher-ups escalated in relation to mask mandates.

Partial transcript below:

So simultaneous to all this, I’m  starting to get in administrative trouble — which has never happened before my career — because I’m not playing the mask charade, either.

We’d have a conversation in a room – me and you or whoever’s on my team — no mask required. It’s fucking stupid. We can all assess this. … “Oh, so and so is coming to the meeting. You got to put on a mask.” No. 

This just kept happening, and people get upset, and I’m like, “Too fucking bad. This is all a charade right now. I see you in conversations with certain people until it’s time to virtue signal to a bigger group or whatever. It’s all a charade, and I’m not playing this game,” and so I’d get in trouble.

I was now chasing up medical issues that I had all — the MTBI [mild traumatic brain injury] stuff I was telling you about, and I was getting a medical release process started because I was going to be kicked out.

So I was now chasing up a medical release. In hindsight, what a fucking blessing, because I needed to stop exposing my brain to impacts. This was just the catalyst … but everything was bringing on these concussions symptoms. 

The final like straw was I was going to a meeting to hear about why my exemptions were declined, by some person who didn’t even fucking come talk to me or talk to the [indigenous elder] that I spoke with [for the] religious exemption. … I was going to this meeting for them to tell me why everything was declined. … My immediate chain of command was escorting me in — my sergeant major — and he was like, “Hey man, they’re going to ask you to put a mask on, and so can you do it?” Fuck, no. So he went in to the kind of give the room a heads up. … I could’ve just fucking put it on. I wore balaclavas all over the fucking place, but the principal behind this nonsense I was seeing this, this charade, it was just such a joke. I was like, “I’m not doing it.”

So the RSM [regimental sergeant major] comes out like, “I need to put a mask on, Dallas.” I’m not doing it. I don’t even own a mask, and that escalated a little bit. So they use my first name, call me by my rank. When his stature got a little bit up, I was just like,”Don’t get fucking pokey chest with me” … then he’s like, “Get out.” 

Alexander said the incident was “the last time I ever had access to get on camp.”

Ryan linked the “woke agenda” to an undermining of morale, recruitment, and retention across Western militaries.

He stated, “Because of the jab mandates and the woke agenda, because this is happening across the world — it’s horrible — they’ve demoralized all of the units. The attrition rate is a joke now. They can’t keep anybody in. They can’t recruit anybody, because they miscalculated who joins the military, especially who serves in and who wants to serve in SOF [special operations forces] environment.”

Ryan said his communications with Navy SEAL alumni led him to believe many special forces left the military due to vaccine mandates.

“This is just an estimation that’s not based off any factual information other than just who I know left the SEAL teams because of the jab, and I’m gonna say, it’s damn close to 50 percent,” he remarked.

He concluded, “Between the woke agenda and the jab mandates, these are the only people in the fucking country that stand up for what they believe in. Everybody else has just got their head down and they’re just trying to get through the day. These are the only fucking people that step up to the plate.”

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