Exclusive: Republican Party Invests in Ground Game Ahead of Wisconsin Supreme Court Race

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The Republican Party has invested time and money in the Get Out the Vote (GOTV) effort for the “consequential,” “nonpolitical” Wisconsin Supreme Court race, Breitbart News has learned.

The Republican National Committee (RNC), the central committee for the Republican Party responsible for various actions such as fundraising and election strategy, is invested on the ground to ensure Wisconsinites get out to vote.

Conservative-backed former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Daniel Kelly, who was ousted in 2020 by liberal-backed now-Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Jill Karofsky, is running against liberal-backed Judge Janet Protasiewicz for the open seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Ahead of the April 4 election, Breitbart News has learned that Republican volunteers have already made over 134,000 voter contacts with nearly 300 volunteers. The national party is responsible for also having paid field staff across the state to help with voter integrity, while RNC Digital is trying to help bolster turnout as well.

The RNC is looking to continue its investments nationwide with around-the-cycle Election Integrity activities such as recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteers for Election Observer shifts. Last cycle, two months left before the midterm election, the RNC had 17 states with election integrity directors, 35 in-state election integrity counsels, and 45,000 poll watchers and poll workers in battleground states nationwide.

Republican Party of Wisconsin Chair Brian Schimming told Breitbart News, “The partnership between the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the Republican National Committee for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court race shows just how consequential the April 4 election could be.”

“While out-of-state leftists are trying to buy a Supreme Court seat for a soft-on-crime Democrat, who has promised to put her thumb on the scales of justice, we have teamed up to elect Daniel Kelly, who will uphold the rule of law and protect the Constitution. RPW, with the help of RNC, is fully invested in pushing all center-right voters to the ballot box and continuing our election integrity efforts,” Schimming added.

Schimming acknowledged that Protasiewicz, while spending over $1 million on TV ads since the February 21 primary, she has also received help from an outside group. A Better Wisconsin Together has reportedly spent $900,000 on pro-Protasiewicz TV ads since the primary, and both sets of ads have attacked Kelly.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Breitbart News, “The Republican National Committee is working hand in glove with the Republican Party of Wisconsin to retain control of the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The Badger State deserves a Supreme Court that is not beholden to special interests and a progressive liberal agenda, and that’s why Wisconsinites are energized to turn out and vote conservative come April.”

The court could be responsible for defining the future of abortion rights in the state and the congressional district lines when they are gerrymandered if Protasiewicz is to win the race since conservatives currently hold a 4-3 majority.

As Breitbart News reported in the past, the liberal-backed candidate has been relatively controversial. She has been outspoken about her political ideology during the campaign by saying the election maps were “rigged” and making a campaign ad saying, “I believe in a woman’s freedom to make her own decision on abortion.”

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