Trump Releases Ad Hitting DeSantis: ‘There’s Only One Donald Trump’

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James Devaney/GC Images, James Gilbert/Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump released an ad on Truth Social Wednesday during Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s campaign launch on Twitter Spaces, making the case that the governor is nothing more than a Trump imposter.

“The Washington established politicians like to talk about how they can be just like Donald Trump. The truth? There’s only one Donald Trump,” the ad, which showed images of DeSantis, asserted. The ad’s narrator stated:

Only one who gave us the largest tax cuts in history. Who gave vets the health care they deserve and stood up to China and protected your job. Only one who kept us out of endless wars while destroying our terrorist enemies. Only one who fundamentally changed the Supreme Court, was called the most pro-life president in history, and relentlessly protected our Second Amendment rights and our borders.

“Why would we ever settle for Trump imposters?” the narrator asked, cutting to an infamous clip of a four- yea- old ad that DeSantis ran while first running for governor, in which he and his wife Casey DeSantis showcased how MAGA the then-gubernatorial hopeful truly was.


In one portion of the ad, DeSantis holds a Trump MAGA sign, teaching his daughter how to talk by saying, “Make America Great Again.” There is a rubber duck sitting on his daughter’s table, which has a suit on and notorious Trump hair.

“There’s only one starting day, one who can Make America Great Again,” the narrator added.


The release of the ad followed DeSantis’s official campaign launch, which was hallmarked by unmissable technical issues.

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