Report: Pro-Abortion PAC to Spend over $10M to Boost Kamala Harris’s Image in 2024

Kamala Harris
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One of the nation’s largest pro-abortion PACs has plans to spend more than ten million dollars to prop up Vice President Kamala Harris during the 2024 election.

EMILY’s List — an organization whose goal is to elect pro-abortion Democratic women to public office — told Politico over the weekend about its plans to promote the embattled vice president, whose approval ratings have teetered around the low-40s and mid-30s for much of President Joe Biden’s first term.

“Such an investment in support of a sitting vice president is politically unprecedented. And it reflects the lack of broader efforts that have been made to date to help bolster the vice president amid persistently low approval ratings,” the report states.

“It also underscores the growing recognition that Harris may play an outsized role in what is sure to be a tough election. Republican presidential candidates have made it clear they will be using the specter of a Harris presidency as a way to hurt Joe Biden’s chances at reelection, particularly by raising questions about his age and capacity for the job,” the report continues. 

President of EMILY’s List Laphonza Butler told the outlet that the PAC wants to “push back against the massive misinformation and disinformation that’s been directed towards her since she’s been elected.” The PAC previously supported Harris in 2020 after she was announced as Biden’s running mate, and Butler also helped guide Harris’s failed presidential bid while working for a leading California political consulting firm.

Butler said the pro-abortion group, while at the beginning of planning its investment, is looking to target certain types of voters on different platforms. 

“Some age groups and demographics get their information from things like YouTube or from TikTok. For some demographics, they are much more interpersonal in terms of how they get and disseminate information,” Butler said. 

A senior Republican strategist, who spoke anonymously for the sake of frankness, told Politico that Republicans will point to her as a “boogeyman … when it comes to pushing their message,”  and noted that “a President Harris would be even worse than a President Biden” because she campaigned as a far-left Democrat before she framing herself as a moderate with Biden in 2020. 

The funding announcement comes after Axios reported in May that Harris was “quietly forming a small, outside group of women allies to help amplify her role as the White House’s leading warrior” against Republican-led laws protecting unborn babies from abortion. A Democrat official familiar with the situation told the outlet that 14 women from across the abortion industry and other groups met with Harris, including Butler for EMILY’s List, Alexis McGill Johnson of Planned Parenthood, and NARAL’s Mini Timmaraju.

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Kamala Harris


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