Nolte: NY Mayor Eric Adams Whines Illegal Aliens Will ‘Decimate’ City

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New York Mayor Eric Adams claims that illegal aliens could “decimate” his city, but refuses to blame himself or His Fraudulency Joe Biden—the only two who are to blame.

Never forget that it is Eric Adams who 1) refuses to revoke New York’s status as a sanctuary city and 2) refuses to deport the 90,000 or so illegal aliens currently decimating his city. All he has to do is comply with federal law and turn them over to INS. It really is that easy.

Instead, he’s on CBS News crybabying about his city being decimated as though there’s nothing he can do about it. Good grief, he’s such a lying loser; he won’t even blame Biden, the guy who opened the border up entirely.

No, instead, he blames the border states that are shipping these illegals to a city that he himself has proudly proclaimed a sanctuary for illegals. Well, where else should they go?

Get a load of this crybaby:

His whining is especially precious when you realize that New York City has not received even one percent of the illegal aliens Biden has allowed into our country.

All Adams has to do is deport these illegals. Problem solved. Instead, he’s paying to house and feed them or allowing them to sleep on the streets.

Adams is crybabying for federal money when 99 percent of these illegals are someone else’s problem. Why should he get any money when New York is not even taking on their fair share of illegals?


Adams was talking about a migrant crisis that has seen nearly 100,000 migrants arrive in the city since last year. While it is a small fraction of the millions that have hit the border during the current migrant crisis, officials say it has left the city overwhelmed.

Some migrants have been bussed directly from Texas while others have made their own way to the city. But it has led to scenes of chaos in New York, with migrants camped outside the Roosevelt Hotel, which acted as an arrival center.

Adams said this week the crisis could cost the city $12 billion by the middle of next year without policy changes and additional help from the state and federal government. On Thursday, he warned that the crisis had national implications.

Thursday morning Breitbart News reported on what a disastrous effect these illegals are having on New York City neighborhoods—the everyday quality of life. One of the most high-profile complainers is Lady Gaga’s dad, who lives on the Upper West Side…

“There are now 500 migrants living in that dormitory,” Joe Germanotta told the New York Post. “That’s when all the mayhem began.” He continued, “Hookers are coming and going. In the mornings, you see prostitutes coming out of the building.”

Lady Gaga and her father Joe Germanotta (Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for NARAS, Edit: BNN)

“The worst part’s at night. The noise,” he complained. “It starts at about 10 o’clock, and it’ll go until 4 in the morning. Playing music and racing their motocross and motorbikes up and down the streets.”

He adds, “Girls as young as 14 are getting catcalled,” and residents are “verbally abused” as they pass, and they are afraid to walk their dogs where the illegals hang out. Previously clean streets are “filled with trash,” including hypodermic needles.

Oh, poor babies. You’re getting what you voted for, including a mayor who could solve this problem tomorrow but who refuses because replacing Americans with compliant immigrants is more important to Democrats than your quality of life.

New York Mayor Eric Adams is seen at a press conference in Times Square on October 11, 2022, in New York City (Raymond Hall/GC Images).

Other than delivering cheaper domestic help to their wealthy patrons and slaves to their corporate donors, why else would Democrats allow millions of illegals to invade our country, ruin our neighborhoods, artificially depress wages, fill our prisons, and undermine our way of life? Of course, this is about replacing us. Of course, it is.

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