Report: Biden Admin to Ask Congress for $100 Billion in Ukraine, Israel Aid

President Biden Welcomes Ukrainian President Zelensky To The White House
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The Biden administration plans to ask Congress for $100 billion in Ukraine and Israel aid, Bloomberg reported Tuesday.

The outlet reported:

President Joe Biden is considering a supplemental request of approximately $100 billion that would include defense assistance for Israel and Ukraine alongside border security funding and aid to nations in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan, according to people familiar with the matter.

Biden has pledged support for Israel in the wake of the deadly attack earlier this month by Hamas, a group designated by the US and EU as a terrorist organization. Aid for Israel enjoys broad bipartisan support in the US Congress.

There has been speculation since Hamas attacked Israel that the administration would try to tie funding for Ukraine and Israel together after House Republicans successfully stripped funding for Ukraine from a short-term government funding bill. That request was only $24 billion compared to the $100 billion it is now asking for to fund both contingencies and reportedly Taiwan.

Donald Trump Jr. chimed in on the matter, posting on X, “How about NO!!!!”

The package would also include border security funding aimed at getting Republicans on board.

Cody Sargent, a spokesman for the conservative Heritage Foundation, posted:

This “border security” funding is a trap. It would give Biden more money to speed up his conveyor belt of illegal immigrants into the country — not turn off the flow.

No conservative can support border funding without policy change.

According to Bloomberg, the details of the package are still being worked out, and it is intended to cover an entire fiscal year.

Punchbowl News reporter Andrew Desiderio posted on X that the funds would be for a “full year.”

“Can confirm the $100 billion number has been floating around the Hill today as senators wait for the final package,” he posted.

“Important to note this number is for a full year, so the Ukraine portion will be massive,” he wrote.

The $24 billion request for Ukraine was intended to cover three months.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said on Tuesday he expected the administration to send the request by “the end of this week.”

“We’d like to get the supplemental package moved as quickly as possible because the needs are great in both Israel and Ukraine,” he said, according to the report.

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