Sanctuary State Illinois: Another Pair of Illegal Aliens Charged with Stealing $3K Worth of Macy’s Merchandise

DuPage County State Attorney's Office
DuPage County State Attorney's Office

Two illegal aliens have been arrested for allegedly shoplifting nearly $3,000 worth of Macy’s merchandise in DuPage County, Illinois, as migrant crimes are increasingly pushed out into the suburbs of Chicago.

Luis Mendez-Gomez, 28 years old, and Frank Montez-Davila, 23 years old, both illegal aliens from Venezuela, were arrested and charged this week by DuPage County officials after allegedly stealing more than $2,800 worth of products from a Macy’s store in Oak Brook.

The same Macy’s was burglarized by two illegal aliens from Venezuela last month.

According to law enforcement, on October 31, police officers on patrol nearby noticed Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila leaving the Macy’s with a gift bag and backpack full of merchandise. Officers said they were acting suspiciously.

The pair got into a vehicle and drove off. Soon after, officers conducted a traffic stop on Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila and discovered 16 fragrance bottles and a pair of pants totaling nearly $3,000.

Following an investigation into the matter, officers allege that Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila entered the Macy’s store with the gift bag and backpack, took both out, and began filling them with merchandise before leaving without paying.

“I commend the Oak Brook Police Department for their work apprehending the defendants in this case, as well as for their ongoing efforts, particularly over the past week and one-half that resulted in arrest and filing of charges against nine individuals accused of stealing from the Oak Brook Macy’s store,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said in a statement.

Unlike the prior two illegal aliens accused of shoplifting at the Macy’s store, Mendez-Gomez and Montez-Davila are being held in the DuPage County jail without bail. Both are charged with one count of felony burglary and one count of felony retail theft.

Mendez-Gomez was also charged with a misdemeanor for driving without a license.

The state of Illinois is a sanctuary state that prohibits local law enforcement from turning criminal illegal alien suspects over to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents for deportation.

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