PHOTO – ‘They Memed Themselves’: First Lady Jill Biden Speaks at ‘Hunter High’ School in Utah

Jill Biden at Hunter High
@AngelaLMorabito X

Advisers for First Lady Jill Biden have gotten tons of flak for scheduling her to give a speech at a school campus with an awkward name.

The event happened Tuesday at Hunter High School in West Valley City, Utah, where the First Lady spoke to students and educators about celebrating teachers’ roles and the importance of their well-being, the Daily Mail reported Friday.

But the name of the school, Hunter High, stole the show.

“Jill Biden trying to distract from her comments about Hunter’s drug abuse, and ending up under a giant banner reading ‘Hunter High,’ is straight out of a VEEP episode,” Defense of Freedom Institute Policy spokeswoman Angela Morabito wrote in a social media post along with a photo of the First Lady at the event.

The image Morabito posted shows Jill Biden standing behind a podium with a sign on the front of it that reads “Hunter High.” Above her and the students gathered on the stage is a banner with the same name:

“Hunter High, Home of the Wolves. You cannot make this up. They memed themselves….” one social media user wrote of the display.

“The only time I’ve seen honesty from this administration is through a sign above Jill’s head,” another person replied, while someone else said, “That’s funny. With all the HSs here in Utah, how did Hunter High get approved?”

Officials found cocaine residue on a gun pouch belonging to Hunter Biden, who is Jill Biden’s stepson and the son of President Joe Biden (D), in 2018, Breitbart News reported Wednesday. The information was revealed in a recent Department of Justice (DOJ) filing and hindered his legal defense against several gun charges.

“Hunter previously acknowledged he used crack cocaine and smoked parmesan cheese. His legal defense claims the president’s son did not break the law,” Breitbart noted. “Lawyers also contend the president’s son was ‘selectively charged’ for political reasons.”

It is also interesting to note that the Secret Service reportedly found DNA on a cocaine baggie found at the White House over the summer after the agency claimed it could not identify who smuggled the substance into the building, according to Breitbart News.

Breitbart’s Wendell Husebø highlighted the fact that the White House is “one of the most secure buildings in the world.”


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