Nolte: 57% Believe Democrats Use Illegal Immigration to ‘Build Permanent Majority’

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The issue of illegal immigration is not a divisive one among Normal People. The latest polling shows that Americans are united on all the important questions, including whether or not the Biden administration opened our southern border to illegal immigrants to rig the system and give Democrats a permanent governing majority.

Rasmussen Reports surveyed 1,085 likely voters between April 3-4 and found that 82 percent do not believe “illegal immigrants should be allowed to vote in U.S. elections.” Only nine percent disagreed.

When asked how “important it is to prevent illegal immigrants from voting in U.S. elections,” 78 percent said it was important; that includes 62 percent who said “very important.”

Here’s the key number…

Rasmussen asked if those surveyed agreed or disagreed that the Biden White House is “encouraging so much illegal immigration” in the hope that those illegals will eventually “become voters and create a permanent majority for the Democrat party.”

A clear majority of 57 percent agreed with that statement, including 43 percent who “strongly agreed.” Only 37 percent disagreed.

Among black voters, 47 percent agreed, while only 43 percent disagreed. Among Hispanics, 68(!) percent agreed, while only 24 percent disagreed.

The only split decision was on this question: “How likely is it that the outcome of the 2024 presidential election will be influenced by illegal immigrants voting?” A plurality of 45 percent said it was likely, while 44 percent disagreed.

So, with numbers like these, why would Democrats continue to defy voters and push so hard to import millions and millions of illegals…?

Because Democrats only care about one voting bloc, and that’s their hard-left base. Without that base running out to vote, Democrats are doomed, so they have to appease them and hope the corporate media can come up with the lies needed to destroy Republicans like former President Trump.

Then there’s the whole governing problem…

Democrats can no longer govern and hold on to that far-left base… That base opposes law and order, low taxes, decent schools, and affordable housing. This results in people fleeing blue states like California, Illinois, and New York. This is a problem because each state is allocated congressional seats — and the electoral votes that decide the president — based on population. The population count is based on the U.S. Census. The U.S. Census doesn’t differentiate between American citizens and non-citizens. See how that works?

Another way Democrats seek to create a permanent majority through illegal immigration is by allowing illegals to vote in local elections.

Democrats cannot win elections on merit. Without billions of dollars in free corporate media support and illegal aliens and cheating, Democrats would have no chance of becoming a permanent majority. Everything they touch gets worse. So they import millions and millions of ringers, give them a driver’s license, refuse to clean up the voting rolls, and there you go…

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