EVs Strike Again: Trump-Endorsed Bernie Moreno Slams Sherrod Brown as Ohio Loses More Manufacturing Jobs

Cleveland businessman Bernie Moreno, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, speaks to sup
AP Photo/David Dermer

Trump-endorsed Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno is slamming incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) as the state loses more manufacturing jobs to the far left’s radical green energy agenda.

“Sherrod Brown wants to gaslight Ohioans into thinking he stands up to Biden, but he has voted in lockstep with Biden’s radical leftwing green energy & electric car agenda…And now more manufacturing jobs are being shipped to Mexico because of them!” Moreno said on social media, highlighting a story on how Jeep will build its Wagoneer S EV not in the United States but at the Toluca Assembly Plant in Mexico:

Automotive News noted that the Toluca Assembly Plant already manufactures the Jeep Compass.

Moreno is among those who have long warned that the left’s pursuit of EVs will “destroy” the auto industry in the United States, and this latest bit of news serves as yet another example.

“This irrational move towards electric vehicles – this manic move to electric vehicles is going to destroy the auto industry in America,” Moreno told Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle during an appearance on Breitbart News Saturday in March, noting that the push in that direction is also benefiting other countries over the United States, including China.

“You look at the Buick electric vehicles that are coming out – almost all of them made in China. The Lincoln electric vehicles are all going to be mostly produced in China. The batteries are mostly produced in China,” Moreno said at the time.

“So we’re going to hand our auto industry, which at one point was almost seven percent of our gross domestic product (GDP), over to our enemy, China,” he added. “It is insane.”

Moreno has also warned that Brown is in lockstep President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal agenda, which hurts American workers above all.

“Sherrod Brown claims he supports workers, but there’s nothing pro-worker about supporting Biden’s radical Green New Deal agenda, that is killing good-paying Ohio energy jobs,” Moreno said, explaining that “you can’t be pro-worker, when your policies lead to workers getting pink slips.”

That particular remark came in the wake of the Biden administration issuing environmental rules to phase out gas vehicles as part of its greater Green New Deal agenda.

Further, Moreno has pointed out that Ohio has forfeited 200,000 manufacturing jobs since Brown — who Moreno says has never held a job in the private sector — began serving in Congress.


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