VIDEO: Illinois School Staff Member Calls Student ‘a Piece of S*it’ for Wearing Mask Improperly

A member of the staff at Glenbard North High School of Carol Stream, Illinois, has resigned following a viral video that depicts the staff member calling a student “a piece of shit” for improperly wearing a mask.

A caption on the Tik Tok footage reads, “my friend had his mask under his nose, and this Karen went crazy, got up in his face and cuzed [cussed] at him.”

The video begins with the student asking the high school worker, “Are you playing?”

“No I am not,” the staffer declared emphatically. “Otherwise I will call the police! I’m serious!”

“Oh you’re serious?” the student tauntingly questioned the staff member.

“Yeah, I am serious man,” the staff member responded. “I have had enough of it! I knew you were going to take off your mask the moment I turned the corner. So enjoy B.IA,” which is the high school’s term for in-school suspension. 

After the student asked him what B.I.A. was, the school worker verbally laid into the student in an extremely unprofessional and dehumanizing manner. “That’s in-school suspension where you have to sit in a room with the military guy all day because you’re a piece of shit,” he told the student.

On September 5, the TikTok video was uploaded to Libs of Tik Tok’s Twitter account and has amassed 322,000 views to date. It is not specified by the account where the footage originally came from. According to the account and other outlets, the man has been identified as music teacher Scott Grigoletto.

A statement from principal John Mensik to Fox News did not label the man as a teacher, but rather as a “staff member.” Per the statement obtained by Fox, the school worker “has resigned and will no longer be working in District 87.”

Mensik released a statement to the community via the high school’s web page. “Please know that this situation is being investigated,” the statement reads. “I ask that you trust that we will handle this situation in an appropriate manner.”

The statement went on to highlight the state of Illinois’ mask mandate for schools and reiterated that non-compliance with the mandate is not an option that is left to the students or parents, “It is important for you to know that the mask mandate was signed by the Governor, and is a requirement for every school in Illinois. Prior to the start of the school year the Illinois Superintendent of Schools sent a letter to all schools stating that compliance with the mask mandate is not optional. The letter also stated that schools not following the mask mandate would become unrecognizable by the Illinois State Board of Education meaning that students could lose out on scholarship money, not be able to compete in IHSA athletic programs, and colleges could penalize students for not having an accredited high school diploma.”


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