Watch: Zombie-Like Homeless Addicted to Tranq Fill Philadelphia Streets

@thebizzleeffect via TikTok
@thebizzleeffect via TikTok

Homeless Americans, in a zombie-like state as a result of being addicted to Xylazine, known as tranq, are filling the streets of Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood, new footage shows.

Adding to the city’s opioid crisis, Philadelphia is increasingly dealing with addicts laid out on the streets in a zombie-like state after ingesting the drug known as tranq which is now found in more than 90 percent of dope samples in the area.

Tranq, an animal tranquilizer, causes the user to develop open wounds on their body, leaving the Kensington neighborhood with the smell of rotting human flesh.

Footage posted to TikTok reveals the extent of the tranq epidemic:


Awareness Matters! In Order To Deal With This Epidemic We Must Learn And Have Awareness Of Whats Going On! Together We Can Fight This One Person At A Time! Never Judge,Have Compassion,Empathy Of The People Because It Could Be Any Of Us Out Here! KareAndAssist 💕💯🙌🏾🙏🏾

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Once a thriving neighborhood in Philadelphia, Kensington was home to a number of industrial plants including the Beatty’s Mills Factory Building and the H.W. Butterworth and Sons Company which brought prosperity to the area.

Deindustrialization, though, has contributed to Kensington’s plummet into a primarily low-income community now known nationwide as the epicenter of the tranq epidemic.

Nationally, more than 100,000 Americans die annually from drug overdoses and poisonings, including tiny doses of fentanyl. Put another way, the United States is losing a population the size of South Bend, Indiana, every year from drugs.

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