Breitbart’s Marlow: New EU IT Facebook Code ‘About Controlling Message’ By An ‘Open Borders, Globalist Organization’

Washington, DC

On the Wednesday edition of Breitbart News Daily, SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon was joined by Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow and Breitbart London Editor Raheem Kassam in discussing the news that “Technology giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Microsoft have pledged to join forces in tackling ‘illegal hate speech’ within 24 hours of it being reported,” as Breitbart reported yesterday.

A joint statement released by the firms and the European Commission confirmed that the EU will “together with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft (‘the IT companies’) today unveil a code of conduct that includes a series of commitments to combat the spread of illegal hate speech online in Europe.”

The initiative will guarantee that the firms “review the majority of valid notifications for removal of illegal hate speech in less than 24 hours and remove or disable access to such content, if necessary.”

Focusing in on Facebook, said Marlow today, “I think this is totally about controlling message because they are an open borders, globalist organization that wants multiculturalism. They want to have no borders and they want to protect perceived aggrieved minorities … you see it in everything in Facebook’s DNA.”

There’s more on what some call the “alarming news” here via Breitbart London.

The commitments include “educat[ing] and rais[ing] awareness with their users” and building a “network” of “trusted reporters” to flag unwanted content. Facebook and Twitter are to provide “regular training to their staff on current societal developments” and work more closely with national governments and “their law enforcement agencies” to remove content the EU does not favor.

Most alarmingly, however, the platforms have also promised to engage in the active promotion of views and organisations the EU does favour, and the re-education of supposedly hateful users.

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