GOP Strategist Ron Bonjean: ‘Ted Cruz Has a Very Bad Future Ahead of Him’

Ted Cruz Downcast Patrick Semansky AP
Patrick Semansky/AP
Washington, DC

Republican strategist Ron Bonjean discussed GOP politics and the presidential race with Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon.

“This is about whether or not Hillary Clinton can carry the status quo,” said Bonjean, “This isn’t about change. This isn’t about improving the country. This is about keeping it the way it is – and most people are pretty angry about the way the country is going. And that’s why Donald Trump won the Republican nomination.”

As for Senator Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump, Bonjean said:

Senator Ted Cruz has a very bad future ahead of him. Right now, he’s only viewed favorably by twenty-eight percent of his own party, compared to sixty-eight percent of people who view him extremely unfavorably. If you’re going on the stage to speak, you get behind our nominee. You don’t stay in the bunk below. You get up and you fight.

Returning to the subject of the general election, Bonjean stated:

What President Obama is trying to do is paint an optimistic vision of the country, versus Donald Trump’s vision of the country. Unfortunately for him, President Obama’s vision of the country isn’t connecting with people because they don’t believe it out there. They’re not feeling that optimism. He’s trying to keep it as a referendum on Donald Trump, not a referendum on his eight years of failed policies in office, and Hillary Clinton carrying that torch if she’s elected president.

As for Clinton’s vice presidential selection, said Bonjean, “Tim Kaine is supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s straight man, but I don’t really know what that would mean because they’re both very boring, and he’s even worse.” He continued:

I get that he’s from a purple state, that he’s a governor. I understand why she picked him for some of those political reasons. He’s probably not going to screw up. He’s not going to outshine her, which is a big deal. He’s a safe bet, but that safe, boring bet isn’t going to help her with the polls because it emphasizes that status-quo theme. I don’t think Americans are going to buy into it.

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